5 Best Valentine’s Day Presents for Girls

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we thought it pertinent to ask some of our female campers what they  wanted for their special day. Valentine’s Day is a special occasion that you simply can’t miss. It’s a special day dedicated to both of you! With our 5 best Valentine’s Day presents for women, you don’t need to think too hard about what to get her–and you can make her feel both unique and special.

5 Best Valentine’s Day Presents for Women

Back to the Roots Water Garden

If she has an office or school desk, she will appreciate something that brightens her corner, makes it come alive and cheers her up on a daily basis. The Back to the Roots Water Garden is a unique gift that will stun her with both its beauty and its practicality. A small garden is placed on top of a 3-gallon self-cleaning fish bowl–with fish, of course! The plants are designed to clean the water, while the fish waste fertilizes the plants–perfect for minimal care. The microgreen plants are even good for salad!

From You Flowers Chocolates and Flowers

No, we know. She’s the kind of girl who loves the timeless gifts, the kinds of gifts that have said “I love you” to her mom, her mom’s mom, and maybe even her great-grandmother. Maybe they have a special kind of meaning for her that nothing can replace. What you’re looking for is a bouquet of the deepest red roses, and the creamiest chocolates. Choose them right! Does she like milk chocolate? Dark chocolate? Or the fancier kinds, with hazelnut or toffee? Pair them in a beautiful presentation with From You Flowers, and have them delivered right to your doorstep or hers.  

Calvin Klein Women’s Sheer Marquisette Demi Unlined Bra

Lingerie is never just sexy, it’s practical as well and–we promise you this–always appreciated. But it’s Valentine’s Day, so never go for too practical. The Calvin Klein Women’s Sheer Marquisette Demi Unlined Bra has universal appeal. Made partly of elastane (swimsuit cloth), it is strong, stretchy, and breathable. The cloth is sheer, not just for lingerie appeal but also because it looks good under any shade and kind of clothing. Give it in the morning so she can wear it for your dinner out (but ask her mom or sister to help with the sizes!). This was a top pic on Bra Di Da

RawChemistry Best Pheromone Perfume

There’s timeless gifts, and then there’s classic sets that just never grow old, are legitimately useful, and make a lady feel unique wherever she is. The RawChemistry Best Pheromone Perfume is one of these. Designed to moisturize her skin so she doesn’t get that stressful dry feeling upon application, it blends with her natural pheromones. Forget the expensive blends–a scented perfume always smells the same. The Best Pheromone Perfume will always smell like she has her own personal brand.

A Jomashop Watch

This is the trick to choosing the perfect watch from Jomashop: it does not have to fit her regular wardrobe. Watches are usually statement pieces–this means your lady will design her entire outfit around the watch. Choose something unique, classic in silver or gold or brown-and-bronze. A watch is both practical and something that goes with practically anything, and it is always memorable. Tell her how you feel about her elegance, her grace, her personality by choosing the watch that reminds you the most about her.