Best Christmas Presents for Kids of All Ages

Best Christmas Presents for Kids of All Ages

Shopping for presents can become a terrifying challenge year after year. “Did I get this gift last year?” “What’s her favorite color again?” “How can I be sure that he would like this?” However, by choosing carefully, you can pick out gifts that your kids of all ages would love to own. Check out this list for the best Christmas presents for kids of all ages!

Best Christmas Presents for Kids of All Ages

We’ve picked out sets of gifts for the hardest age groups of all: toddlers, young teens, and 18-year-olds. Take your pick!

Your Toddlers

Let your toddlers go crazy with something too big to put into their mouths! A DUPLO LEGO set is exactly what they need this Christmas. With these colorful blocks, your toddlers will surely be kept fascinated for hours on end. At the same time, they can build their creativity and motor skills by simple and fun creation.

Introduce your toddler to the animal world with model animals from AnaMalz. Made of wood and cloth, with movable heads, legs, and fins, these sturdy toys are just what you need to teach your toddlers how to identify and love animals. You can choose and even mix and match from collections such as barn fields, the coral bay, icebergs, out back, and the roaming mountains.

Your Young Teens

Sometimes young teens are the hardest to go shopping for. With the SoundBot bluetooth wireless musical headset beanie, you’ve just removed the problem. A rechargeable, hands-off headset with a microphone, your young teen can now listen to music and even call without breaking his or her style. It’s washable, too!

Young teens are just starting on their journey of self-discovery and identity-building. Help them out by camping equipment that will allow them to discover themselves and discover the wild at the same time. Go with a brand you know and trust–we recommend checking out this ultimate gift guide for Boy Scouts

Your 18-Year-Olds

For any teenager, 18 marks a new time of freedom and independence. Celebrate this time with them with a gift of RawChemistry cologne or perfume. No teenager can ever have too many scents, colognes, and perfumes, especially as the parties begin to pile up. A thoughtful new addition to the arsenal will be accepted and appreciated by your new grown-up.

Go crazy and surprise your 18-year-old with something they would love but completely not expect, from a store like Uncommongoods. A daughter with a musical ear might enjoy a complete set of musical wineglasses. A son with a green thumb would love a desk succulent in a glass jar. There’s even a bubble wrap calendar for those who need stress relief! Go wild and get ready to hear them cheer and laugh.

Best Christmas Presents for Kids of All Ages: The Ones that Show You Know Them

Christmas is a great time to set the feeling for the end of a year and the beginning of the next. The kind of gift that becomes the most memorable is the one that shows that you put thought into the gift and chose it specially for your child. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Top 5 Places to Go Camping Near Albany

camping near albany ny

Whoever said New York State was all glass skyscrapers, concrete streets, and blocked-out sky? There’s a thousand and one places to pitch your tent or park your RV in and near Albany, New York. Take a moment or a night to escape those skyscrapers, walk green grass, and see the sky in all its glory in the top 5 places to go camping near Albany.

Go camping near Albany, NY!

North-South Lake Campground

The North-South Lake Campground is located at the edge of Catskill Park. Find your way here to enjoy the trees and lakes away from the city! With 7 whole camping sections, it makes a total of 219 tent and trailer sites. Pick from your choice of 2 lakes and beaches, take long strolls or short climbs, or rent a kayak out to water. Fishing and swimming complete your outdoor escape package.

camping near albany ny

Cranberry Lake Campground

If you’re looking for a more long-term experience instead of a casual weekend camping trip, grab your gear and head for the Cranberry Lake Campground. The wide, remote lake is the perfect spot to take a boat into, for hours of quiet, reflection, or that stillness you need after a busy week at work. A more strenuous form of stress relief can be found in the 50,000 acres of wilderness alongside, and in the 50 miles of hiking trails through the campground.

Rip Van Winkle Campgrounds

Unlike Rip Van Winkle, you won’t sleep for 20 years when you enter the campgrounds. However, like the classic tale, your memories with your family will last for much longer than that! Wooded areas provide a canopy of green, gray, and sunlight. Family area campsites, complete with tables and chairs, are set up all around the area. Take time to hike, rock climb, and even bike around the campgrounds, and enjoy healthy fresh air with your family.


Saranac Lake Islands

This string of lakes and islands are fascinating to anyone who sees them. They are meant to be boated on, watched, hiked on, camped on. It is a whole other experience. Choose between 87 campsites, set up your tent, fish for your dinner, make a new friend. The Saranac Lake Islands are a uniquely beautiful experience that is best shared with others, especially if you are camping alone. Don’t miss this place!

Watkins Glen State Park

There are many places to go for a stunning camping view, but you should not miss Watkins Glen State Park. The gorge itself is a beauty of creation that falls as far down as 200 feet in 19 waterfalls, going on for 400 feet. Rock formations, streams, pools, and the flow of the stream itself give the Park a fully unique view that tourists drive from everywhere to look at. Take a tent or trailer, enjoy the facilities provided, and fish away for dinner.

Top 5 Places to Go Camping Near Albany

Don’t let anyone tell you that getting away for a bit is out of the question. Just a short drive away, and you can be resting under the trees, or out on the lake, or beside a beautiful gorge. Take a chance and run away to the top 5 places to go camping near Albany.