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School Outreach

Wave Riders School Groups

Wave Riders programs traditionally offered children and family grief support groups at our six Community Hospice sites. Over the past few years, we have had a significant increase from schools asking us for assistance with student grief issues. Often our families have scheduling conflicts, or transportation difficulties.  Wave Riders and local schools can work together to bring free grief services to these families.

In this program, children develop skills to help cope with their losses. 
Sessions provide a safe environment for grieving children to share and explore feelings and concerns. The program includes art, music, and activities designed to promote healing by fostering connections to self and others. 

This six to eight week support group is held at schools within the capital region.  A trained, master level grief counselor co-facilitates each group with a designated clinical school staff.  

If you are interested in our Wave Riders services at your school, please complete a:


Or you may begin the process by downloading the documents below:

STEP ONE: Complete the School Agreement Form

  • This must be signed by school principal and returned to us.
  • This document outlines The Community Hospice’s responsibilities, and the school’s responsibilities.

STEP TWO: Receive at least SIX Student Registration Forms

  • Must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian and returned to us.
  • We require a minimum of six students for our Wave Riders groups.
  • The attached "Teacher Staff Memo" may be used to encourage referrals from teachers.

STEP THREE: Schedule group date, time and location

  • Please send us all the required documents (all Registration Forms and the School Agreement Form).
  • We will assign a facilitator and discuss group location, dates and times.

Individual Bereavement Counseling for Students

If you do not have enough students to host a Wave Riders group at your school, we can also provide bereavement counseling to individuals on site, during school or after school. 

Other Grief Educational In-Services

  • Understanding the grieving process of children and adolescents
  • Impact of grief on learning and behavior
  • How teachers can help the grieving child in their classroom
  • Parent educational evening on “Children/Teen Grief”
  • Teachers/staff as caregivers who deserve to process their own grief
  • Plus a variety of other bereavement topics
  • Student Health Wellness Day Workshops
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Tara Hempel,
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